PNG with bizarre edges after export


I just used some PNG to make my intro. When I play at the preview screen, everything is fine. But when I export, I got some weird pieces of my PNG… screen_2

All PNG are at separated tracks and they will fade out in a specific order.

Please help. :slight_smile:

When you export, is Parallel processing enabled in Export > (Advanced) Video?

Yes, it is activated.

Turn that off and try again.

I tried and got the same result. Something that I’m trying is to redo my png with the entire screen (actual screen size) transparent.

My first try, the PNG size was changed by the Shotcut filter.

To keep the original size add the Size and Position filter and set the Size mode to Fit. Then, you can increase the Size to like 9999 x 9999. In Fit mode, it only scales down to fit within the rectangle. So, if the rectangle is very large, it does not change.

Oh, redoing the png with a full size backgroung transparent and the parallel off works!

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