PNG files don't appear anymore

Hey all

I have a problem that is driving me nuts. I have been adding png images with no problems until now. Suddenly, they just don’t appear anymore in the final video (they do appear when you play the project in Shotcut). I have two videos where this has happened and have been testing it in new ones as well. I tried adding them in the same video track or a new one, making them longer - nothing works. The jpegs work fine.

Is it possible that I changed a setting or something by mistake? Please help!


Oh and I don’t know if it’s related but I’ve also been getting this “qmelt.exe has crashed” notifications. And this is on a Mac, using the latest Shotcut version.

I tested PNG over mp4 - no problem on exporting as h264 (osx 10.12.2 shotcut 17.01.02)
How can you get an error with an exe-file on a mac? I have qmelt as unix executable inside the app but no exe. May be you have the nvidia cuda driver installed?

Thanks for your reply! I will check it again when I get back to the office. Perhaps I misremembered the .exe part. But it was definitely qmelt.