Pls add tweens in the next update

Sincerely , whould like to be able to do tweens , without need to code my self , maybe keep the coding option for ones who want to , but there should be a eazy way to do it , so i dont have to do it in third-party software , i do not know free software for tweens , so i have do do it manualy thrying to simulate a tween .

And that whould enable the creation of things in the style of MLGs , and eazy censoring , with out having to do a milion cuts and a half.

I think it could really add to the software

You better explain what you mean by tweens because I’m sure you don’t mean tweenagers :smiley:

I think it’s a part of Adobe.
I don’t quite understand what it is.

Well basically ‘Tweening’ is where the software creates the frames inbetween a start and end point in animation. You just set the start and end position then the software does the rest (based on selected properties)
I use Xara Designer Pro for a lot of graphic design work and it has an animation module that uses tweening.

I don’t know of a video editor that does this, it’s not really a typical role of a video editor it’s an Animation tool’s role.

but to be able to make it in shotcut with out goiing into another app whould be great

And also , if shotcut added this it whould be great for the ones that are not willing to spend money

Again, Shotcut is a video editor, not an animator. I don’t see the devs adding something which traditionally isn’t a feature covered by NLE’s particularly when you aren’t willing to even donate to the project.

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Well , if you wanna censour suff that moves , or do stuff like in this video:

Which is why Adobe After Effects [et al]

it is not free , maybe i want a free version . forever

If you’re in school or college you can get all Adobe apps for $20/month. At least in the United States.
Not trying to promote Adobe products, but this is one great deal if you’re in school. People not in school pay $53/month. But you must be enrolled in a class that teaches Adobe, and proof from the school.

Maybe you’re just a little too demanding and think that you’re entitled somehow, yeh?
Shotcut is probably the best open source video editor out there, it’s actively supported and constantly being improved at no cost to you or anyone who chooses to try it. No-one is under any obligation to use this free software or are they ever nagged to donate. It’s pure self-indulgent arrogance from you to come here and demand that development time is spent on adding a feature that you happen to want for free.
Try a little self-development and learn some respect.

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If you can code it yourself, then why don’t you help?

The new keyframes feature IS tweening. The software computes the filter parameters between the keyframes. Shotcut already has this (a little).

The next version 18.06 will have both simple and advanced keyframes for the Mask filter.


What you need is OpenToonz free animation software or Gimp with video plug-in.

See also Synfig Studio.