Please show filepath somewhere closer

Now I am working with big multicam project, every camera on it is own track, but sometimes it is easier to move some video chunk to the upper track - and sometimes I have a mess. Now I can get the filepath from Properties -> More Information and scroll long list.

I’d suggest you learn to use and accept Shotcut as it is and rather than waste time posting so many ‘suggestion’ threads asking the Devs to change it just to suit your own ideas.
Either that, or look an alternative editor that suits you better, there are many free NLE’s available. :+1:

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Sorry, but showing filepath of selected chunk is pretty obvious and simple feature :frowning:

But you do know that the file path is available on-hover in the playlist for every video you have used in the timeline, right?
Can’t get much closer than that :wink:

Development time is probably set aside for important features which benefits the majority of users.

I do not use playlist - instead I open file and append/insert it into the timeline… Onhover title of the chunk in timeline can be a solution, or maybe full filepath instead of name only…

So you don’t use what’s already available, instead you want the Devs to spend time changing the application so that it suits you?
I call that extremely unreasonable.

I think that many users have the same UX problem, using the playlist for getting the filepath is overkill because user will need to find target video in a large list.

Are you sure? Logic would suggest if that were the case, the developers would also have the same ‘problem’ and would have implemented such a feature from the beginning.

This problem is only for the case when you have big project with different directories, complete filepath is not necessary when all video from the same folder.

Then I would suggest you place all assets in the same folder before begining to assemble your project.
Also remember, the .MLT project file will record ‘paths’.

But the purpose of folders - to distinguish source videos by type, for example by author or camera placement. I thought about renaming files by introducing the namespace like but in this project I have hundreds of files, backuped to the few clouds, but yes maybe I will rename them…

Hm, nice idea about MLT project file! I can open that file in another screen and grep for the particular filename when I need it, this is the best workaround.

The tooltip for the filename at the top of the Properties shows the full path.

Ohhhhh… thank you!!

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