Please help me to understand what's up with Shotcut

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Can’t say how disappointed I am…For my video editing needs, I thought Shotcut was the second coming of Jesus…But just recently, it seems to have come apart at the seems on a number of levels…I tried to install the newer version, 702 but the program completely freezes up when I install it…I tried to backtrack and install the previous version, 508 but that froze up as well…I used Shotcut for month without a single problem but now I’m completely lost—It’s shapening tool was as good as anything that I’ve used before…Ric

It’s a two way street here. The information you supply (outlined in the post: Requesting Support) helps developers fix bugs. Without full knowledge of what’s going on with the versions you have that are crashing there is no way to fix the issue.

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The last few months have seen the introduction of features that users have been asking for for years. High on that list was key-frames for filters which have massively increased the utility and potential of the program. Introducing new stuff sometimes breaks old stuff and since SC is being developed on a small, personal scale, there isn’t a team of QA testers beavering away looking for bugs and trying to break the system. That’s where we come in - us current users are effectively early adopters, like the backers of a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign getting to use the pre-release version before all the wrinkles are ironed out.
As has been said on countless threads - if the latest version doesn’t work for you then rollback to a version that does, but do take the time to quantify and describe your problem on these pages so the developers can understand and fix it.
Constructive criticism facilitates constructive action.

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Why start another thread for basically the same thing when I already explained the situation? Closing this.