Please create a export default to IGTV to 16:9 videos

please create a export setup default to IGTV to 16:9 videos

thanks a lot in advance !

Do you mean 9:16? This already exists in Settings > Video Mode > Non-broadcast > Vertical… You should be setting your video mode at the beginning of a project instead of trying to make major video orientation changes at export.
If you really mean export encoding preset, then the default MP4 works fine. Nothing special is needed for IGTV.


Thanks a lot … worked fine …

I cam across this while googling. You said we should set this up at the beginning of a project?
I created a project for youtube and exported for youtube . If I want to export for instagram I can not use the same project change the settings and reexport for instagram too?

Shotcut is not smart. If you want to change the aspect ratio of a project Shotcut can add black bars, or you can reformat the project contents yourself. Or possibly, don’t change the aspect ratio or target IGTV since a regular Instagram post can handle a variety of aspect ratios: