Playlist wont all any files


I created a new project as i have done 16 other times but this time, it wont allow me to add any files of any kind to the playlist! It just shows a Cancel icon? ( Grey circle with a line though it). I even tried to go back to my other files and now the same thing is showing for them as well. I have tried creating a new project but nothing changes. I have tried doing the save and quit or restart and etc but nothing seems to change.

I am not sure what to change.



I have never experienced this myself. From what/where are you dragging? You can drag from multiple places including a file manager and the Source player or Recent in Shotcut. Is your Playlist floating or docked into the main window?
In your next reply, please include your operating system and Shotcut version.

Have you rendered any content. in this case the cache files may have gone. If you are happy with a sequence render it to another file .When the sequences are finished bring them down and join them to make your finished film Then add your music and voice overs. This way it cuts down the final rendering time

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