Playlist Scrollbar Suggestion

In the playlist, the horizontal and vertical scrollbars behave differently than the other scrollbars in the other menus. If the functionality is designed this way, that’s fine, but it would be nice to have arrows on both sides of the scrollbars to do incremental movements in the time (if horizontal) or channels (if vertical) to ease movement around the playlist. See example photo.


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That’s probably not required.

In anyway, you are just going to use your mouse there. And scroll also uses the mouse. But you can do the same (moving a single frame) with just pressing the and on your keyboard.

Keyboard is a better way to do it, the bad habit of working with mouse is not that good, it decreases the editing speed. Keyboard takes almost ¼ less time in general.

I understand I can scroll with the mouse, but it seems like clicking in the scroll section should increment/decrement the view by one page, rather than jumping to that section in the timeline. It is more intuitive as this is how scrollbars work on most everything else.

Plus, there is already an option to jump somewhere in the timeline by clicking on a specific time in the timeline project/source window. It just seems redundant to have a scroll bar at the bottom that does the same function as the timeline bar. Having a separate but familiar functionality in the scrollbar at the bottom to other scrollbars in other programs would make Shotcut more accessible and user friendly to new users.

I also understand how keyboards make things faster, as is the case with a lot of programs (software engineer background), but to people unfamiliar to a program, and not knowing what all of the keyboard shortcuts are, it is nice to have common functionality and design with other programs that make it more familiar and easier to pick up.

I understand your interface point, and it will be more useful for newcomers, I have also made a suggestion topic of a interface tutorial thingy and no one replied to it, so I think that was too much to work on, but your one is probably very easier and faster to create, the developer should work on it. I don’t know any complex coding problems here, because I am more of a end user of computers, I just know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. And all three are almost required none in shotcut, so if I was intrested to create it, I couldn’t do it. Either the developer or any C or C++ coder here wishing to do this can only work on it.

We do not write the GUI library and prefer not to recreate the controls they have provided.