Playlist of files to be transcoded separately?

I may have done something wrong and wasted a lot of time and I’m hoping it’s possible to salvage my effort. I added a bunch of files to Shotcut and then in sequence selected each one, selected the in and out points and then exported. I thought I was exporting each clip separately but now that some have finished transcoding, it seems that it’s adding all the clips together. Is there any way to get it to transcode them into separate files? Am I meant to open one file at a time to transcode them individually? I watched a tutorial video and thought I knew what I was doing.

I did them again, this time opening only one at a time.

See the From field at the top of the Export panel. A playlist can be used as a simple holder (called a “bin” in some tools), but one should not assume it is simply a holder. It is also a composition for when you do not not need a multitrack timeline.