Playerhead no longer moves to mouse click as in older versions

I have been using Shotcut for years. Great editor, love it. However, a key editing feature has changed in newer versions I need. I had been using V22.06 and decided to upgrade to latest on one PC. When I click on the timeline the playerhead no longer centers on that position. I tried a few older versions and the last one I found that worked like I wanted was V23.07. Not a huge deal, I’ll just use the older version, but it’d be nice if this worked again in the future. It’s a pain dragging the timeline around to find the playerhead after cutting or pasting a large chunk of video.

Hi @Scott_Wilkins

That’s because the Rectangle Selection tool is enabled by default on install.
Read the Documentation page linked below to learn how to disable it.

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But if you decide to leave the Rectangle Selection tool enabled, you can always click on the top of the timeline to move the playhead

Thank you very much! I will experiment with the rectangular selection till at some point but that worked perfectly.

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