Play backwards more simply?


actually to play backwards a part of a clip, shotcut generates 2 files that have different format and more size than the source (only 3 output possibilities are asked) so after the render you have to delete them because you dont need them when your video is rendered.

my question is: Is there a way to reverse a part of a clip without this intermediate step of files creation, i’m thinking about something comparable to what is done with Kdenlive, for example.

thank you

This is what was described when “Reverse” was changed in version 18.07:

About the Change to Reverse

When this feature was added in the previous version 18.06, it would reverse an entire file. If you just wanted to reverse a trimmed shot, then you had to manually export it as something and then open and reverse the result of that. Moreover, many formats do not work well to seek each frame backwards and would give poor results. This new version takes care of both of those by adding two jobs: convert and reverse. The convert step also performs trimming using the in and out points from either the clip in the Source player or a clip selected on the Timeline. The reverse job automatically deletes the intermediate result of the convert job.

The intermediate file is needed to get good results when Shotcut has to seek backwards in creating the effect. If Shotcut is not deleting the intermediate file then that would appear to be wrong, according to the last sentence.

in fact even if it is automatically deleted, the generation files take time to be done (just imagine if you have to do it many times in your vidéo)
As i said, softwares like kdenlive and many others, do it instantly without theses files creation steps.
shotcut can’t do the same? it isn’t planned for the future releases?

That approach is very risky because many files do not seek properly backwards and when they do typically the performance is very slow. Of course, I could have done it the kdenlive way as it uses the same engine, but I chose not to expose the users to this risk and make both parties deal with the support required (which most users will not seek). An advanced user can figure out how to edit the MLT XML to achieve this without intermediate files.

i don’t understand this problem of files that don’t seek properly backwards. with kdenlive i have never encountered a situation where the reverse video doesn’t work. is there an exemple that i can reproduce step by step to realize the problem?

Or maybe a suggestion, when wanting reverse a part of a video is it possible to let user choose between the method? (the with and the without file generation) :smiley:

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