Place a mark (Colocar una marca)

I am using Google’s automatic translator.
This is my first time using Shotcut. I usually work with other editing programs.
I want to know how to put a mark on a video or audio clip and on the timeline.

Please convert the title of this post to English

If you mean markers, there is no such possibility yet in Shotcut.
In the roadmap, it appears as a feature to be added in the future.
A viable alternative currently is to include a transparent clip (open another -color-transparent- clip) and add that clip in a separate video track, in the place of the marker, make a cut on that transparent clip. This is useful for going to particular points in the timeline, but it does not provide information about which of the clips (in the various tracks) in the timeline we are marking. This is handy for simple projects with few tracks and to avoid cutting into clips in the project, since that transparent clip does not affect the project.

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