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when will the “pixelation function” actually be implemented in such a way that it can also be used? At the moment, the function makes absolutely no sense, as everything has to be laboriously adjusted by hand.

There is no “pixellate function”, are you referring to the “mosaic filter”? If so it would be useful if you described what features you’d like to see with that filter rather than saying what you don’t want. I used to create software for others and the first thing I required was a specification of the features that it should have, that way I knew what I eventually delivered was what the user expected.

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Yes, I mean the mosaic filter. It would be better if a colored frame could be seen instead of the mosaic. Then I could adjust the area more precisely. The alignment (horizontal, vertical) as well as the size (width, height) of the area should be changed with the mouse wheel. It would be best if the area was based on a point and moved along with it.

Perhaps you are asking for an on-video rectangle control for Mask: Simple Shape. That is already requested and likely to come this year, but it’s not part of the Mosaic filter. But you can already use the mouse wheel on the slider controls and their numeric fields.

You might want to try something like adding in color grading to make it easier to see.

I found the perfect way to blur areas,

thanks to YouTube. Now it would be nice if the point in the middle of the rectangle was gone and the frame was evenly thick. Then I would see more than now.

Hi @DOC-Emmett

I see you used a lot of keyframes to make your blurred area follow the licence plate.

It’s not always necessary to do so.
Often, all you need to do is put a keyframe at the beginning of the movement and another one at the end. Then you play the clip again and add keyframes only when adjustments are needed.

A quick example:



  • Sorry in advance if you already knew this. But this could be also helpful to other visitors of this thread.

  • This video is only to demonstrate how I use the keyframes to simulate motion tracking.
    I use a blue clip to cover the licence plate and 2 SP&R filters to shape and move it for 2 reasons:

    1. For the demonstration, a blue square is more visible than a blurred area.
    2. It’s easier and faster to move the blue rectangle with the SP&R filter than it is with the Mask: Simple Shape filter.
  • For this kind of effect, I usually use the Mask filter + a Blur or Mosaic filter + the Mask: Apply filter (all on the same track as the clip).

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It appears you’re doing some very fine tuned work, but you’re not zoomed in at all on the video/image. Zooming in might help you with your work.

At 200%

Zoom Fit

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Thanks for the tip with the zoom. It seems like I need a separate track for each area I want to mask. It would be nice if I could do this with a maximum of two tracks so that the computer doesn’t have to work too much.

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