Pitibonom is coming.... i'll piss you off!

Hey guys !!!

am… really glad i come on your community !!!

I mean… I !!!
you ? ah you should be affraid !!! nah not affraid… horrified !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

2 days ago… i downloaded, discovered, and… fell in love…
whith shotcut…

it’s free… it’s well made, it’s nice… errrr… i’ve been seduced :))

there are some… issues… some call them bugs…
i think they just have to be discussed and fixed with some simple tuts…
in a crowd developped tool, exchange is the key.
something is crap ? plz lemme say it is :slight_smile: no shame for this ! i also deved some crap !!!
the shame would be to stay on the ‘f**k you it’s not crap’ !!!

I dunno the team, the reason, the deep purpose of shotcut, but i love the idea
( free soft, share, give, receive, human, help, etc… )
but i definetely love the app !!! :slight_smile:
mebe ( one can dream ) i could help/contribute to it at the humble level i’m ?
or not…

whatever, i’m glad i come here and say you… hiiii :slight_smile:

see you soon, very soon :stuck_out_tongue:

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When I first saw your post, I was scared!!!
Ah ha ha.
After reading your content carefully, I feel that you are a very humorous person!!!

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hi edulofter :slight_smile:

i hope i am !!! :smiley:
and i’m glad i got an answer on one of my 2 posts.

my other post was a question about laggy video problem, but i solved it on my own.

i wish you a nice day and happy shotcutting :slight_smile:

Hi) Nice to see you here

thanks a lot ! it’s all my pleasure :slight_smile:

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