Pitch Filter Is Causing Crashes

Windows 10

Apply the Pitch filter and simply slide the values in either parameter back and forth and sooner or later Shotcut will crash. Demo.

This bug got introduced very recently as this does not happen with the Pitch filter in v22.09.23.

I’m sure you did all the required checks @DRM. Like restarting Shotcut, rebooting, re-install, etc…
So I’m surprised I can’t reproduce your problem (I’m also on Windows 10).

I tried with two different MP4s (with audio) and two MP3s.


I reproduced it - so far only tested on Windows. This is fixed for the next version.

One can fix this in their local install (if permitted) by replacing Shotcut\share\shotcut\qml\filters\audio_pitch.qml with the following file:

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