PiP crop, only color background no transparency

Hi together,

thanks for the great software Shotcut and this forum to share experiences! I need your help.

I tried the picture-in-picture function, i wanted to create two videos on two levels wheres the border the same in the middle or elsewhere. I use Shotcut 19.09.14.

Unfortunately there is no transparency on any video line after ‘cropping: squareor 'scale + rotate’, i only can choose a color for it. The tutorial videos i saw show a video lane combine-button on the left side of the v1 or v2 - mine doesn’t have one, there’s only ‘mute’, ‘hide’ and ‘lock’.

I also tried blue/greenroom/black/white-color and the use of chroma key: easy + extrended, there’s no effort.

Do you have an advice for me, please?

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day. :slightly_smiling_face:


Have you reconstructed that problem with the newest Version of SC?

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Thanks for your advice! :+1: I tried version 19.10.20 and it works with a small black line (about 1 pixel width) with the following workflow:

  • v1: size + position
  • v2: crop:
    ++ retangle -> padding color #00ff00 (green screen) in the same filter
    ++ size and position adjustment
    ++ chroma key: simple (distance 7,6 %)
    ++ chroma key: advanced (hue delta 20 %, chroma delta 55,5 %, intensity delta 20 %, shape allipsoid, edge slope, operation write on clear)

I think this is fine for me right now. :slight_smile:

As you mentioned, there is the option of a padding colour with the “Crop: Rectangle” filter, which you can use to enable transparency. You just have to change the alpha channel to 0, which means complete transparency.

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