Pictures Transition Troubles

Hi everyone!
I have a Shotcut version 20.09.13, and one of de video lines I´ve selected some pictures to alternate it in my project.
When I “merge” two picutres in a smooth transition, it works inside the shotcut reproduction intarface, but, when I renderize it, it “resizes” the image during the transition.

I´ve tried many times and I don´t have any aidea to solve it.

Joao from Brasil

What is the resolution of each picture?

  • Click on each picture, then click on Properties.

What is your Video Mode set at?

  • Click on Output, then click on Properties.

Any filters on the Output track?

  • Click on Output, then click on Filters. If there are filters here, and you didn’t intend on having filters there, just delete them.

Any filters on each picture?

  • If there are filters, which ones, and their settings?

Did you enter Export - Advanced?

  • If you did go into Advanced, and changed settings, please list what you changed.

The Pictures have all the same size, ande the same properties on Configuration
Pictures size: 960px X 720px
Filter Size, position and Rotate:
Position: 0 0
Size: 360 186
Distortiion enabled
No rotation

Was not able to reproduce it.

Created a custom video mode specific to image resolutions.
960x720 distort 200913.mlt (8.4 KB)
Note: There is a newer version available (at this time of posting: 20.09.27).
Images used:

Perhaps you can load this project and see what settings you may have different than this one.

Thaks a lot!
I´ll try first updating my Shotcut then download your project…

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