Picture suddenly blurred and pixelated after using "size, position & rotate"

I want to add a picture to my video (in the right upper corner eg), but when I use the filter “size, position & rotate” the picture turns very blurred and pixelated - even though the original picture has a very high resolution. I have this version: 20.09.13
I don’t know how to change that and until now I couldn’t fins anything on that topic… Please help!!

Your version is over a year old. Download the latest version (22.01.30) and see if the issue still happens.

Thanks for the tipp, but unfortunatly that didn’t help…

You need to provide more information about your project. What are the resolution and fps of the source files for your project? What is the resolution and fps of your project? Also is this blurred and pixelated image happening in the preview or the file that is exported out of Shotcut?

Also, as the song goes, “A picture paints a thousand words”. Position your playhead at a pixelation point, select the clip with SP&R filter, open the filters panel and select that filter so it shows the parameters, take a screenshot of the whole Shotcut window and post it here.

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