Photos sizing to fill video

Hello All,

Have set a custom video size for project of 1280x720
Have resized all photos to 1460x1020
Have a ‘full’ video of resolution 1280x720

Set up two video tracks.
Place ‘full’ video on V1 track (lowest track)
Place photos randomly on track V2.
Problem, the pohtos that are sized already many do not fill the video windows in preview as well as exported video.
What am i missing why the 1460x1020 photos are not filling the 1280x720 placeholder video?

I can go through the size & position filter but this gets to be a pain very quickly. Seems this should work without have to resize photos?

Thank You

1280x720 Doesn’t have the same aspect ratio as 1460x1020.
Shotcut puts images/video to max width or height of the Video Mode by default.

1280x720 Has an aspect ratio of 16:9.

If you use the slideshow generator, you can choose to automatically crop the images to fill the video frame.

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