Per-language Personalization (i18n/l10n)

Hi! Newbie to MLT and Shotcut here. I wasn’t able to find any documentation or previous posts on this issue, but is it possible to have an internationalized/localized (i18n/l10n) “track” or variation? For example, if I wanted an English version and a Spanish version, can I declare separate variations and variables to render a different audio track, different text, etc.? I don’t know if this is possible with MLT, but how would one accomplish this same task? (Note: I’m not looking for subtitles, but rather, the ability to essentially produce multiple, localized variants of a video with one Shotcut project.) Thank you!

You’d need to do it manually but if you had your audio on seperate tracks you could mute them all except the one you want for a particular export then export each language one at a time. You could unmute/save different MLT files if you wanted and export them all as a single batch too if you wanted.

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Interesting… let me investigate this approach. I suppose one of the problems I’m anticipating is that some languages are spoken faster/slower than others, so I’m not quite sure how to handle that. Perhaps it’s better for me to go “lower level” and dynamically generate MLT with code accordingly.