Parrot Beebop 2 video cannot be used

Good evening!

We have bought a drone and the mpg4 are the same - by name - as they are when we take them off the goPro5. Only the goPro5 videos work with no problems while the beebop videos absolutely will not run in the program after having moved them into the current project.

As you may understand, this is a bit irritating. We even once tried changing the looong names into shorter ones to no avail.

It would be grand if anyone had any idea or this bug could be fixed soon.

Kind regards

Is there a popup box that asks you to convert it to an edit-friendly format? If so, then do what the box says. It might help.

Presumably there is an error message in the Shotcut log file. What does it say?

Not the same model of course but I have a Parrot Anafi and those videos/stills run fine.

I searched for the file format used by the Parrot Bebop 2 and it seems the files are saved as MP4s so they should work. But I saw in a video ( that there seems to be an additional extension, namely .raf, i. e. the full file name is *.mp4.raf. This is, as far as I know, not recognisable by Shocut. Could you check if this is the case with your file?

Hello there!

ATscellycraftyt - thanks, but it’s unfortunately not simple ignorance
but @Elusien it is maybe real ignorance: I have no idea how to find the logfile. I suppose linux doesn’t change anything for this path? … if it is what I think it is (Verlauf) then it only says

and next:
writing into track
… no error message …
however, it shows: beebop2—.mp4 and when I look at the track “characteristics” (Eigenschaften") the video is

TRACK 1: 800x450mjpeg
Codec MJPEG (Motion JPEG)
Solution 800x450
Framerate 90.000
Format Yuvj420p

… and then I tried changing sth here (there is one thing radiolimited mpeg) and the project closed

@samth this may also answer your line of thought: I can see no .raf extension (but it’s good to know there may be a different way of getting things from the drone) and I tried renaming … it renamed but changed nothing in the problem …

and last but not least ATPaulusMaximus thank you for your input but :wink: my files didn’t listen to taking the example of the Anafi-files…

Thank you everyone for you help so far! I didn’t expect to get answers so quickly!

In the German version the log file is called Protokoll so you just have to right click on it and choose “Protokoll anzeigen”.

This is a thumbnail or poster image that is saved into the video file. You need to use the Track drop-down in Properties to change to the regular video track. Unfortunately, this thumbnail track appears within the file before the real video track.


Upgrade to the latest version. It might work better if you open the clip in the Source player and make this change before you put it in the Timeline.

Within Shotcut itself

In German: Ansicht > Anwendungsprotokol...

In English: View > Application Log...

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