Panels no longer "snap" against the sides of the software

Hello. I am a new user who is using Shotcut v. 17.05.03.

When I first opened Shotcut, I was able to customize the interface by dragging the panels to the various sides of the software.

For example, I could drag the Filters panel over to the right… and as my mouse hovered near the side, a light-green highlighted pane would appear. And when I released the panel, it would snap into place against the right side.

Now, however… when I drag the Filter over to the right, it remains a “stand-alone” panel… the background does not display the light-green area and the Filters panel does not snap against the side when I release the mouse.

I have also noticed that the panel no longer displays the two small icons in the right corner. Instead, it displays a red “X.”

What did I do to cause the change in behavior… and how can I fix it? I want the panels to snap against the sides.

THANKS so much!

Try double-clicking the panel title bar.

THANKS! That worked. :slight_smile: