Overall performance issues

With proxy editing + 360p preview scaling I managed quite well to edit 1440p videos, but now I hit a new roadblock: I currently have over 12h of videos on my timeline and previewing + going forwards/backwards gets exponentially worse and choppy.

The hardware isn’t the bottleneck as I track the overall load + temperatures via HWiNFO.

Any performance improvements I can do on my end, or is it expected for Shotcut to slow down with that amount of videos currently on the timeline?

There could be several factors why you are getting performance issues. The only fact you revealed is the overall length of your project is 12 hours using Proxy & Preview Scaling.

There are things beyond load & temps that could be a contributing factor. Having all of your media on SSD or NMVE drives is highly crucial. All drives go bad, it’s just a matter of when. You could be running out of memory.

  • Sounds silly, but have your tried restarting your computer?
  • Does your computer meet the minimum specifications?
  • Are you running Anti-Virus programs? If so did you whitelist Shotcut? Tried with Anti-virus off?
  • Is Shotcut whitelisted with Windows Defender (if you’re using Windows)?
  • Do you have any variable FPS clips that you have not converted to Edit Friendly?

This tutorial might be beneficial for you. It was created by @bentacular of this forum.

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  • Proxies are on NMVE, the original files on external HDD
  • I did a few Shotcut restarts which alleviated it to a small degree
  • With 32GB Ram, Ryzen 7 5800x + RTX 3070 I got more than enough specs
  • After a previous issue where I didn’t use proxies and wondered why going forward/backward in the original 1440p clips was so slow I only use proxies now for editing

The other points you mention are moot because I had no issues with editing other 1440p videos, ranging from ~2-7h playtime: I’m only seeing those issues with this 12h video.

Long timelines are slow. If you are not using multiple tracks, then do not use the Timeline. Timeline is not necessary in Shotcut; you can also make a playlist with trimmed sub-clips and filters and export that.

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