Output video does not match input on screen

Hello fellow Shotcut users.
Here is my issue and I hope you can point me in the right direction to resolve it. I have checked the FAQ for a similar question but didn’t find it so apologies if my search skills are not up to scratch. I will settle for a link to my solution :slight_smile:

I love the way Shotcut works. I mostly use video editors to trim out adverts from movie files.
I import *.ts files which my humax recorder produces.
The resulting *.ts file (from humax) plays ok directly but I like to get rid of commercial breaks. When played directly the .ts file fills the screen on my T.V. and on the PC using VLC.
Once I import it to Shotcut, remove the commercials and export it again it is much smaller than the screen, sitting in the middle with space all around and nothing I can do using the TV controls or VLC will alter that.
Before import the stats from opening the clip in handbrake and reading the information screen are:

  • Storage resolution = 720 x 576
  • Display resolution = 768 x 576
  • Pixel Aspect = 16:15
  • Aspect ratio = 4:3

After processing in Shotcut and exporting without changing any settings in the export dialogue the resulting file, again loaded in handbrake for consistency reads:

  • Storage resolution = 716 x 430
  • Display resolution = 764 x 430
  • Pixel Aspect = 16:15
  • Aspect ratio = 15:99:9
    and, thereafter plays as a very shrunken replica of the original file. I don’t consider this to be normal behavior therefore I wondered if anyone could suggest what I am doing wrong so that I may continue to use Shotcut?
    While the clip is loaded in Shotcut the information dialogue reads:
  • Codec = MPEG-2 video
  • Resolution = 720 x 576
  • Frame rate = 25.000000
  • Format = yuv420p
    When I press export and have a look at “advanced” those are the details that have been automatically filled in to the various boxes as listed above and, also, the aspect ratio reads 4:3

I currently use Kdenlive for these duties and the resulting exported file is exactly the same dimensions as the original every time and I don’t alter anything in that program either.

Any enlightenment would be most welcomed as I much prefer the work flow available in Shotcut.

Many thanks for any replies.

James Pirie

I remember .ts files not always work perfectly in SC. You may have to convert them first to something editor friendly or use some lossless codec (100% quality in the advanced tab of export).
Not sure if this is the only issue here…

Hi Rilosvideos,
I generally do convert the .ts files to mp4 because they don’t allow for seeking in plex for some reason and there is nothing worse than having to sit through loads of adverts :slight_smile:
However, since I decided to remove the adverts anyway I surmised that loading the raw .ts into an editor which would require me to render the finished edit again anyway was cutting out an unnecessary step.
I guess, if I can’t solve this, your suggestion would be something to try.
I’ll try loading an mp4 and se if I can render that without changing the resolution.
Thanks for taking the time to reply,

There might also be another reason for the problems, not sure.
.ts files might work in SC or not - it depends on details in the codec/container format - i am not an expert in that direction. If the workaround doesn’t work come back for more expert help :slight_smile:

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