Organize Filter's presets in sub-folders


I often create photo slideshows using Shotcut and I’ve created a ton of presets for, as an example, the Size & Position filter. That results in a veeeery long list of presets for that particular filter. I think it would be more productive if we could organize these personal presets in sub-folders.

I thought one easy way to do this would be to go to Settings/App Data Directory/Show… then find the S&P related preset folder, then organize the presets in sub-folders.

It tried and it kinda works (meaning it didn’t cause any problems) except Shotcut won’t display the sub-folders (and content) in the filter’s Preset drop-down list.

So this is my suggestion to add to your already long list of requests : Allowing Shotcut to display sub-folders it the Filter’s Preset list.

Thank you

This is highly unlikely, but you are free to ask. In the meantime, use a naming convention to organize them according to the sorting. For example, everything you want in a folder named “foo” and you want that near the top, put “-foo-” at the beginning of the name.

Yes, I’m already using this method to sort presets in my lists. Thanks for your reply shotcut.:slightly_smiling_face::+1: