Option to remain in Source pane after adding to timeline

My usual workflow:

  1. Add a bunch of files to the playlist
  2. double click a file in the playlist to bring it into the source pane
  3. select in and out points and press ‘A’ to add to timeline
  4. Now the annoying part: Press “ESC” to return to the source pane. This in an extra step, and it takes a while before the cursor goes to its previous position.

Can we please, please, have an option to leave the focus on the Source pane after adding to the timeline??? Please …

I agree that occasionally, I’d prefer that the focus remained on Source after using Append. But honestly pressing Esc or even clicking back on the Source tab is not that time consuming.
I don’t understand what you mean by this though:

When I switch back to Source, it does it almost instantly and the cursor is already where it was previously

I mean, when I press ESC, the cursor goes first to the beginning of the clip in the source pane, and then moves to the latest position. This takes about a second (on my decent computer)…

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