Optimization of Undo Operation Duration in Shotcut

Hello everyone,

I have encountered an issue while editing in Shotcut. Occasionally, instead of pressing “s” to split the video, I accidentally press the “x” button. When I try to undo this operation, it takes an excessively long time for Shotcut to complete the undo action. In the attached video, it took over 54 seconds for the undo process to finish. I’ve noticed that the duration of this delay seems to be proportional to the length of the deleted video segment. Has anyone else experienced this issue, and is there any potential for optimization by the developers?

Additional information:
Os: Windows 11 Pro 22H2
Shotcut version: 23.06.14

I did some testing with this version on Windows 11 with a 2 hour project consisting of 4 tracks and a fair amount of clips. On my system, it is a little slow to undo: 5 - 6 seconds. Yes, due to the architecture, it does depend on the duration and complexity. It also depends on the speed of the CPU and GPU (Timeline is drawn using the GPU, but the CPU is used a lot for logic). Of course, both that and the undo operation could be improved. However, I will not be working on that in the near term.

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Thank you for clarifying that. Now I understand why it took me over a minute to undo the action because I have just a CPU

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