Opening save file does not work

for some reason it turns white when i open a file that i saved, anyway to fix it?

Since it doesn’t show any length to your project, the file may be corrupt.
If you upload your MLT file here we can take a look at it.

If you open your MLT file in Windows Notepad it will appear that nothing is there. If you open your MLT in Notepad++ (free software) it will probably show this:
If this did happen to your file, it is not repairable.

ok ill try it

Guessing in the dark here since we don’t know your computer specifications.

A few things to try.

  • Try changing your Display Method. (Settings - Display Method)
  • Have you tried restarting Shotcut?
  • Restart your computer and only run Shotcut then open the file.


Please upload your project file.
Can you open a video file or Open Other > Noise?

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