Opening MLT XML as Clip crashes Shotcut

The situation is simple: Under Win10 launch Shotcut, open an existing MLT (half of a project), open the other half with Open MLT XML As Clip and Shotcut simply disappears. No error message from Shotcut or Win10. Both halves of the project are fully edited and the one splice, from First Half to Last Half, is simply butted together. NTL, I suspect this isn’t an expected outcome for Open MLT XML As Clip.

What you wrote is difficult to follow because you cannot “open a half.” In any case, I opened a timeline project and removed clips from the second half. Then, I opened the same project using Open MLT XML As Clip and and set an in point in the Source player at about half way through. Next, I clicked + (Append) on the timeline toolbar to add Source clip to V1. It works as expected.

To clarify. I have two clips, A and B. Both have their own MLT’s. The goal is to append B to A to have a complete project. With A loaded via its MLT, if I do Open MLT XML As Clip, selecting B’s MLT, Shotcut vanishes. No message from Shotcut, no message from Win10. Open B’s MLT and Shotcut immediately disappears.

The reason for the process is to preserve both A and B’s transitions, etc. to allow any adjustments before rendering the full project.

This sounds like a problem specific to this B .mlt. I read this as: start Shotcut, choose File > Open, pick B.mlt, and Shotcut crashes.

I’ll check that when I return to the US next month.