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Hi everybody,

i wann use Shotcut for opening .TS Files cut offf same advertisement and save it again as a .ts File.
But i don’t find the possibility… Maybe i’m blind or a newbie :slight_smile:

So can you please help me in this case - and yes i need this format because my Setup box handles only .ts files


.ts [transport stream] uses MPEG-2 encoding.
Just export using MPEG-2 and manually name the extension .ts

I had something called Smart Cutter for DB and DVB.
It does that without reencoding

Thx, works good with the mpg-2 and renaming to .ts

Shotcut is not the simplest tool to do that, as it re-encodes the full track. I prefer Avidemux (FOSS) for this job. It allows cutting off unwanted parts without re-encoding (that is, within seconds instead of one hour or more), provided you cut only on I-frames. It can also re-encode the whole video if you need a more accurate cut off, resizing, removing channel logos, etc.
TS (Transport Stream) is not a very good container for storing videos: it has time index issues and many limitations which are not found in MKV or mp4.

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Thanks a lot for the information.
I am a newbie for shortcut which I just knew and installed in last 12 hours. However, it seems that it does not support multilingual audio tracks, as the result, it saves only the first audio track.
Then I followed your advice and tried Avidemux, it works as you mentioned, fast and efficient.

Very appreciate for your sharing.

Avidemux was @Francois_C advice !
Not sure the one I named still exists…

Not sure the one I named still exists…

Yes he does :joy:
Encore est vive la souris (Charles d’Orléans)

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