Open Other > colour: Black appears as transparent

Is this something I’m doing wrong or missing something? I’m applying a black colour clip to V2 above a video on V1 and it’s coming out transparent. Other colours seem to work OK. V. 20.09.13.

Works fine on 20.07.11 …

Same here. Doesn’t matter if there is any track though.

Workaround: Select “Pick Screen Color” and click on the black.

Before using the workaround, selecting other colors shows Alpha channel: 0
Despite showing 0 Alpha, it loads the color just fine without any issues.


Regarding Open Other > Color…
I noticed that you can’t bring the alpha chanel to zero. You need to set it to 1 to change a color clip to a transparent clip.

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This is a duplicate of Colour Selector Alpha 0 ->255
which is fixed for the next version.
The workaround is to set the alpha channel to something other than 0 > OK > Color… again > Alpha = 255 > OK


Thanks everybody for the replies. @shotcut, apologies for not seeing that thread, and thanks for fixing it and for the workaround.

I tried a few things, but didn’t think of that. Thanks!

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