Only one track after importing

How to import all the audio tracks like in adobe premiere?

That would be very kind of you if you’d spare us the trouble of having to search how all audio tracks are imported in Premiere… Please.

I’ve never worked with Adobe Premiere, if you have a video file with multiple audio tracks, there is no one-touch method, rather there is a solution, rather work around to accomplishing what you want to do.

Example: Video file with 3 audio tracks.

  1. Open up Shotcut & set Video Mode
  2. Open video file.
  3. Drag video file to Timeline, this creates V1 (Video Track 1)
  4. Do CTRL+U 3 times, thus opening up 3 audio tracks.
  5. Copy/paste from V1 to A1, A2, A3.
  6. V1: Set for Mute, and/or change Audio properties of the video clip to None.
  7. A1 through A3, Select the source file, then click on Properties, Audio Tab, Select appropriate audio track.

Bonus: You can also rename each track head such as V1, A1, to any name you wish to have.

Works, but I don’t understand why it not added by default

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