One Year In Making Videos with ShotCut

I have been using ShotCut to edit my videos for about a year now. Editing has gotten easier and much faster for me. I think the quality of my videos has slowly improved as well. I will post my most recent video. If I were to try to make this same video a year ago it would take me much longer to do. Hope you guys enjoy.


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Thanks for sharing. Your camera did a nice job recording. What did you use? I also liked the softness of the background music; tasteful.

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I just recorded this video with a tripod and an Iphone X. Maybe the lighting was really good because for whatever reason the quality came out really well.

It’s good that you used a tripod.

You did some great work here, Rodney. The most important thing was that you got your message across efficiently and effectively. You’re a good communicator.

If I could offer one bit of advice it would be to try to find a way to bring your over all audio levels up in the mix. As it is, I had to turn my volume way up to hear you. There are some tricks to doing that using Shotcut and a free audio editor called Audacity. With just a few extra steps, you could vastly improve the audio quality of your video that is otherwise really well done.