One minute trip video

Here’s my short shotcut edited clip from our citybreak in Athens. Hope you will enjoy it.


Really love this video! Nice editing :+1: - short and snappy, kept my attention all the way through. Great work!:smiley:

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Glad you like it. It was shot handheld so it’s a little bit shaky that’s why I decided to use short clips montage.

Your family trip is shot like a film :slight_smile: very nice and well done matching effects with the music.

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Those zoom in transitions were really well executed. :+1:

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Thanks. I’m glad you like it!


Unfortunately there is no motion blur effect in shotcut it would help a lot these zooms. However it was possible to make them using the keyframes on Rotate & Zoom filter combined with Gaussian Blur.

By the way I am truly happy that nobody has noticed so far that all the lens flare effects were added in shotcut postproduction :slight_smile:

Like the fast cuts and the music synchronization. The three rapid zoom outs at the 20 second mark are very nicely done.:+1:

A reasonable motion blur can be done using Elusien’s GL-transition generator, using cross zoom.

Maybe you can use it in your next video.


Thanks! That motion blur looks cool. I’ll try it!

Have you tried it with the Trails filter? It’s not motion blur per say but in some instances can approximate motion blur.

Let me guess: That lens flare was a video clip that you added on another video track with the Blend filter?

I noticed that and I tried to use Trails filter however the zoom transition is so quick (done just in 10 frames total) that I was forced to use larger than default for this filter 10% trace and then the filter did a mess with my video.

In fact the lens flare is a single flare JPG added as an another videotrack with HardLight blend mode and with opacity set to 0% and then increased up to 100% when it’s is needed. So it looks like moving flare which is not. Example of the flare picture below:

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Nice technique. :+1:

It is really well done :+1:!
At first, I thought you used a LUT on some parts but a very subtle one. After reading your post about the lens flare, I realised now that this golden shimmer is the added lens flare. That added “drama” similar to a LUT without actually shifting colours. Indeed, a very interesting technique!

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Thanks! Glad you like it!

@MaRCin_G Nice job! I liked the zoom effect on your project. The audio was well synchronized with the video.

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Thank You! Glad you enjoy it.

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Great job!

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