Older Version

Hi so i just got the new version of shotcut and it seems to be pretty laggy to me. I’m wondering if there’s a way to get an old update or something or someone could help me make it not as laggy?

They’re all available here going back as far as 2014

@shotcut is that a rolling drop or was 2014 where a large breaking change happened moving to github?

Which version of Shotcut did you get that’s laggy? Version 20.09.27? And what OS are you on?

I have 20.10.31 and how do I find my OS?

Do you know if you’re on windows linux or macOS?

OS = operating system. I simply assume that if you do not know then you are using Windows. :stuck_out_tongue:

interesting point, if he has 20.10.31 he must have 64 bit windows as well since there aren’t 32 bit builds of that.

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