Old topics, but severly needed

We “NEED” two things:

  1. de-hiss (audio de-noise)
    Export to Audacity is just too cumbersome and a hassle.

  2. clip grouping
    So we can drag entire multi-clip sections and multi-tracks around.

Thank you!

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Tried the HighPass filter?

It’s not on the road map, though Kdenlive can group clips, so…

tried highpass and limiter, they dont clean like audacity :frowning:

All part of the workflow then. Preparing assets for video editing is normal procedure even with the big guns.


When you export to Audacity, do you de-hiss each source file separately, or do you export the entire project’s audio and just edit that? So far all of the audio that I’ve had to de-hiss and otherwise edit has been a separate audio file, so it has been easy to edit with Audacity first. However, if I had an entire project of videos that I needed to de-hiss, I think I’d just make a Custom Export Preset for lossless audio, export my finished project as that, edit it with Audacity, then add it back into Shotcut as a separate audio track… it’s a few more clicks than if Shotcut had a filter for it, and also, it gives me access to all of Audacity’s excellent audio-editing features that Shotcut will never catch up to – seems like it would be worth the extra clicks in a lot of situations.

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i’m still learning. the last two projects, i exported the entire video, then ran audacity on the video file then created a new project with exported video and cleaned audio. but this last project, i exported audio only, cleaned, and added into the existing project.

You wouldn’t use a high-pass filter to attenuate hiss.

lol… Stupid brain fart. Of course I mean’t Low-pass.

I almost always record my audio separately and on the rare occasions that I don’t, I separate the audio anyway and edit it in Audacity as you described:

I find it very useful having the sound as a distinct entity when editing, particularly when adjusting levels and compensating when sound effects or music are thrown into the mix. Audio and video are two different disciplines with many subdivisions requiring different tools & skills, which is reflected in the professions within the industry. Generalists like us home users, YouTubers and non-broadcast professionals are relatively recent players on the field (at least in the numbers we are now). Shotcut does include some decent audio tools, which is a bonus, but if you really want the best results, dedicated software is going to be the best way forward for a long time to come. We wouldn’t expect Audacity to include video editing tools so having ANY audio editing/filtering tools in SC is handy and can be very useful for rough cuts.

As to grouping items together for moving/deleting etc - that would be handy, but I can live without it for now :slight_smile:


Very well said. I was trying to figure out how to say what you just said here. After watching “Booth Junkie” on YouTube talk about various mics, mic booths, and then talks a bit about DAW’s, then looking at various DAW software out there it is really a specialized type of software.

I find Audacity to be a very powerful tool for those of us novices winging it within the free software world.

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One caveat: when working with audio only in Audacity you don’t have to worry about the one big thing that looms large when working with audio + video:

lip sync.