Old "bug"? : paste highlights another track

When i have a track highlighted, and i paste a clip, some other track gets highlighted so i can’t immediately paste again without re-selecting the track i was on.

for example, i paste in a simple transparent .png so that i can push clips to the right, but i can’t do multiple pastes quickly to push father and farther.

Why is this a bug?? Because it doesn’t work how you want it to does not = Bug :smiley:
Just drag the edge of the first pasted .png to extend the length on the timeline.

thus the quotes and the question mark.

just as a computer user since 1985 you get a feel for how things SHOULD work.

Well, that depends on the developer’s objectives rather than we think :smiley:
In any case, as mentioned, just drag the edge of the first PNG to extend it’s length on the timeline. This is as intuitive as it gets imho.

The OP is pasting from V2 to V1. Wants focus to be on V1, but flips focus back to V2 once clip is pasted to V1. Working backwards on the timeline, thus creating a bug for something Shotcut doesn’t do as pointed out with the OP’s suggestion.

I’m more curious to which version pasted from V2 to V1, and kept focus on V1.

Gotcha, I obviously didn’t fully understand (or read clearly). Apologies to OP.

My take is that a pasted transparent PNG is intended as an overlay. As V1 is fixed as a non-composite track, the focus has to be V2 in order for compositing an overlay to be applied on-top of v1. Otherwise I see no point to pasting a transparent PNG to v1??

OK, after some testing there is no bug.
To keep pasting to V1 (or any track you chose) just make sure the track ‘head’ is first selected.

okay, i’m seeing it behave proper only when the head is at the beginning of a clip; otherwise other tracks get highlighted and thus moves from where i want to paste. my apologies for being unclear.

i use a transparent clip just to push things around or to use as a place to apply text filters.