NVENC not working in 18.06 - New driver required!

Exporting to NVENC is not working in the new version. In 18.03 and 18.05, All is well:

Drag’n’drop video to shotcut.
Go to export tab
Click on my preset
Clixk on ‘Export File’ button
Job starts, I can see encoder is active in Windows’ Task Manager.

In 18.06, I follow the exact same process, but the file rendered has no video, only audio. Task Manager shows that the encoder is never active.

Job log shows this relevant error:
[h264_nvenc @ 00000000083985c0] Cannot get the preset configuration: invalid version (15)

A quick search has shown me that this is an upstream issue with ffmpeg/nvidia . It goes like this:
Nvidia changed the API.
FFMPEG use the new API.
New API needs new driver.
Driver is buggy so many gamers are avoiding it.

So, basically you get to either update the driver and get working shotcut and buggy stuttering games, or, not.

There’s your workaround anyway. Sorry to be the bearer of unpleasant news.

It works for me using driver version 397.93 on Windows 10. I think this is a temporary situation. Eventually, Nvidia will improve the driver, and most will people will upgrade eventually.

Yep that sounds right. the 390 series is required, so everything after 388 should work.