NVENC Not Allowed. GPU not recognized?

Hiya. I have a Lenovo notebook equipped with an NVIDIA Quadro K620M GPU, and Shotcut doesn’t seem to like it. Additional computery stuff:

Windows 10 x64
Shotcut Version 18.12.23
Intel Core i7-5600U

I’ve checked NVIDIA’s matrix, and it appears my card does, in fact, support NVENC. When I have Shotcut configure my hardware encoding, however, h264_nvenc never gets a checkmark. Intel Integrated Graphics gets h264_qsv a check, but that’s the only one. I’m at a loss, (of course, I was pretty much at a loss from the point that I found out clicking and unclicking “Use hardware encoder” a bunch of times really quickly doesn’t help) so any help would be fantastic.

I’m loving pretty much everything else about the program, by the by, so thanks for providing it.

The beta for the next version has a fix for detecting hardware encoders (current version fails when the path containing shotcut.exe contains a space):

Also, in your current version, you can click Configure… next to “Use hardware encoder” and manually select the nvenc options and try it.

After further research, it appears it might only be the K620 that supports NVENC, and not the K620M, as I’ve found other owners of the card who have experienced similar issues. Oh well. Thanks very much for the quick and informative response, in any case.

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