Noise and export

Hello, I generated noise and exported it for a minute in duration, I got a file size of more than a gigabyte. Preset 1920:1080, 30 frames, 55% quality. Maybe I did something wrong or that’s how it works.

I also get a 1.4 GB file when using the default export preset on 1080p Open Other > Noise. This is expected.

libx264 (the default codec) makes files small by only encoding the changes from one frame to the next. Static signals by nature change pretty much every pixel from frame to frame, meaning most compression techniques will fail to shrink the file size. This is why noise (static) is one of the most difficult test patterns to encode (both in terms of file size and speed), and is used as a benchmarking tool for certain comparison scenarios. If you think the file size is huge with libx264, try it with lossless codecs like FFV1 and Ut Video! :slight_smile:

Thanks for explaining how it works. For the sake of interest, I tried the FFV1 codec :slight_smile: but my task is interrupted with an error.

Out of disk space error? lol

The file is 0 kilobytes in size.

Did you use the FFV1 export preset from the left-side panel under the Lossless section? FFV1 cannot go in an MP4 container, so I’m guessing you were tweaking around in the Advanced section and didn’t change the format to MKV.

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Thanks, now I understand how to set it up. Five seconds of noise 320 megabytes in mkv. Not a bad size :slight_smile:

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