No video after export

I made the video project with only one video, cut some parts from it and tried to export. And each time i got file with only sound and without video, just black screen. I used YouTube preset, export to flv and wmv and got always the same result. What should i do to get a video? I have windows 10 laptop

How do you know there is no video? You did not state the video player. You also did not answer the questions requested by the bug post template.

Restart Shotcut, reopen the project, do not choose a preset, do not click anything else in Export and click only Export File at the bottom of the panel.

You have a filter applied to the Master (Output) track. If you did not mean to do this remove it and it may well solve your problem.

My apologies. I’ll more objective next time

The problem was that i really had video attenuation filter (not sure that it is right english name because i have russian ui) that i add by myself when tested the programm. I removed it and the video appeared.

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