No text filter showing and issue with phone vids

First off I cant find a text filter that Ive seen people use on youtube, I dont have the experimental option on, just updated it today also.

When I open files that have been recorded on my phone (Note 8) a box pops up saying “this file is variable frame rate, which is not reliable for editing” then lets me choose 3 dif formats to use by sliding a bar, does it really matter if I do that? Im used to after effects and this program looks similar but acts weird. Cant drag from the the playlist box to where the time line usually shows the waveforms. Im not sure if I just need to keep closing this program or what!

It is there. Either you do have Settings > GPU Effects (experimental) turned on, or you are not trying hard enough to learn to use the program.

Probably. That is why it is showing it. You can try with and without and decide for yourself.

There is a known bug in this area that requires a restart. Another way is to double-click the playlist item to open it in Source player and then use one of the many toolbar buttons or keyboard shortcuts to add to the Timeline. (As mentioned in this forum numerous times.)

Another way to get Text with the latest version is to choose File > Open Other > Text. That creates a Text clip in the Source player that you can add to the Timeline.

Ok Ill check again but Ive looked at the filters that appear under the plus symbol and it wasnt there, probably 12 filters if that. When I click the actual filter button at the top nothing happens at all. Im pretty sure I can figure this program out seeing how its like after effects and Im used to maya and mudbox an others haha thanks for the replies!

just clicked the filter button after opening a file I had converted earlier and moved it above the playlist box and then a search box appeared! You can search filters!

You are only seeing the favorited filters, and there are some default favorites. There are buttons below the search bar to see all video or audio filters.

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