No rendering format or option works

I’m coming from kdenlive because not only does it crash, but now it corrupts my projects and I’m having none of that. Seems like shotcut is more stable, the interface isn’t bad either,
But I can’t render anything yet.
The test project is: a video clip around 96 Mo, 1080p, yuv420p, color space IT-R-BT.601.

  • a music file around 7 Mo.

both files are readable but the utvideo preselection takes 17 min, for a 4 Go file, while same thing with the nut container takes 15 Go.
This is ridiculous… I used the latest app image. I would like to switch to shotcut… But none of the setting I tried worked, while some takes one or FIVE hours which is entirely unjustifiable.

I’m very confused. The title suggests that no rendering format works, but it sounds like Ut Video and YUV-in-nut rendered fine in order to determine the output file sizes of 4 and 15 GB/Go.

Regarding Ut Video and nut, those are lossless formats. Ut Video is compressed, YUV-in-nut is not. “nut” is also not a default export option, so clearly you know enough to go out of your way to choose that format, and should be familiar with the advantages and disadvantages that go with it. Shotcut appears to be producing properly-sized files based on what you are asking it to do. As for the time it takes to render those files, it could be two things… 1) Since these files are huge, a lot of time is spent physically writing data to disks that might be slow… is the export going to fast SSD/NVMe storage?; 2) If there are any complex or single-threaded filters involved, then export will go slow by nature of a filter bottleneck.

As for other formats not working, is there a chance that the hardware encoding checkbox is on, but hardware is failing to be recognized or work correctly when using codecs like H.264? Try turning off all hardware encoding options and export again.

Again, I was confused reading the problem description, so I could have misunderstood something in here.

Maybe you are changing things in Export > Advanced but not understanding the correct combination of things to make it work. This is why there are presets including good defaults without choosing a preset. Simply try to click Export Files or if you did change some things then click Reset before clicking Export Files. Otherwise, if you do feel advanced and want to change things when an export fails, right click the job and view its log to try to understand.

I didn’t know the nut container had any issue though ? I read it was more efficient and could accept plenty of codecs.
But fine, I’ll stick with the default settings.
Just one question. When selecting utvideo, though it’s supposed to be lossless I see in the codec option “quality = 55% qscale = 15”… what does it mean ? From kdenlive I’m not used to that.
I need a really lossless option, as close to raw footages (when there are no effect or transition applied at least) as possible.


This parameter is irrelevant (has no effect) if you utilise the UT Video codec.

To follow what @Elusien said, the export user interface in Shotcut is generic. It doesn’t redraw or rearrange itself based on what features the codecs support or don’t support. So sometimes, there are combinations where the UI elements don’t actually do anything. Ut Video is an example of a codec that doesn’t use (and therefore ignores) the Quality setting, because it is lossless by nature.

Regarding nut containers, there is nothing wrong with them per se. But without further clarification, I’m left assuming that the codec you used in it was raw YUV, which is uncompressed and huge in terms of file size. If the disks are slow, it means playback and editing performance will also be slow due to slowly reading this huge amount of data off the disk. Ut Video is at least compressed (bit-exact, not lossy) and the code is highly optimized.

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