No image after export, says missing tractor file. Please help me not lose 36 hours of work

hey, I’m using shotcut 20.03.17. on windows 10!
cpu 6600k
16gb ram
plenty of storage…


I have my video file all completed after like 36 hours of work. but when i go to export it, the video comes out completely black with only audio. I’m just using standard h264 main/high settings using hardware encoding.

Worried enough about that… now when I open the file it says that a file E:\videos\project\Tractor is missing.

I did some basic searching, and I’ve checked that there are no filters applied to my video tracks or my master… and that all my “eyes” are open.

im at a loss at what to do… I have no idea what a tractor is… I’ve done so much work on this project. I cant imagine losing it… please help.

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Make a copy of your MLT file so you can always get back to this point, just in case you mess it up. Then try the export again, but this time switch off Hardware encoding. This is usually the first thing to try.

Thank you, will try that. Know anything about what a tractor is and where to find it? worried even if it works it will be messed up if its missing some rando file.

aslo why would hardware encoding cause issues? isnt that basically using your gpu to render faster?

Switching off hardware encoding got it to export! thank you.

Any idea on the Tractor thing?

“Tractor” is the storage name of the timeline data in the MLT XML file. It isn’t a separate external file.
Does the error still appear when opening the project after a fresh startup of Shotcut?

Success with hardware encoding is very dependent on a GPU’s feature set and driver compatibility. Unfortunately, there are a thousand things that could go wrong.

Yes it shows File missing:

e:\videos\project\ < tractor >

click to locate it

every time i open the file. I’d get a pic of it for you but im trying to finish up and export my project in case anything goes terribly wrong.

Seems to work fine tho, and its exporting. I don’t know whats wrong or if i should even be worried.

Yeah, that looks a little corrupt. If you’re willing or interested, you could upload the .mlt file here (no media needed) and we can see what’s broke and possibly repair it. It’s a basic XML text file inside.

Sneaky VS LON.mlt (1.4 MB)

Sneaky VS LON - fix try 1.mlt (1.4 MB)

It had an invalid transition that I removed. It might not fix your only-black video after export problem. Try without hardware encoder enabled and do not increase quality over 90%.

UPDATE: I should also mention this transition was only 1 frame long, and I believe you did not want it any longer; so, it should be fine to be simply removed.

thank you!

Yea exporting without hardware encoder is working. Definitly a lil slower… :frowning: wish i could get it working.

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