No export with image/text

What is your operating system?
Ubuntu 20.04.3

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)? Is it 32-bit?
22.06.23 64-bit portable

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?


I have a problem to export when a video contains an image (jpg,png) or a text. Export doesn’t start and there is no message in the log.

After many tests with a small video, i can’t export when the video contains an image (jpg,png) or a text in the timeline. Also, i can’t export when an image (jpg,png) or a text is simply in the playlist (and not present in the timeline) !

If there is no image (jpg,png) or a text in the playlist and in the timeline, export works fine.

Thanks for your help.

Sorry but I do not reproduce this on Ubuntu 20.04. How exactly are you starting Shotcut, which executable? bin/shotcut is wrong.

In the extracted folder, there is an icon “Shotcut” and a folder “”. I click on the icon “Shotcut” :

Command : sh -c “$(dirname “%k”)/ “%F””

Is there any other way ?

That is correct, but I do not know why you are having this problem. Right-click a failed export job, choose to view the log and xml, save them, and attach them here please.

Here are the test files:

1- Text + Video

The task remains at 0%. The log file contains nothing. You have “problem_xm.txt” file

2- Video only

Export works : you have “ok_log.txt” and “ok_xml.txt”


problem_xml.txt (7.2 KB)

ok_xml.txt (4.0 KB)
ok_log.txt (3.3 KB)

Thanks, but I could not find anything alarming in those. It is a weird problem, and maybe something installed on your system is interfering. I suggest to try the Flatpak; it is a completely different build and isolated from the system much further than portable, AppImage, and the Snap, which is unconfined.

I installed the Flatpak version and it works without problem.

Thanks again for your help.