No Audio I Need Help

I can’t hear anything but the audio bar is going up and down like normal how do I fix this. There is audio in different players.

You have either the track, player, or cornerstone muted. The track header is on the far left of the timeline, and the mute button is just below the title (default track titles go like V1, V2, etc). The mute button looks like a speaker that is either emitting or cancelling sound, depending on the state. Just click it again to unmute.

The player has a mute button available when you open volume control. If you click it after opening the volume control it will mute the audio, which can be an easy mistake to do. Just open the volume control and click it again to unmute.

The cornerstone is the most upper left possible selection of the timeline. It may not seem selectable but it is, and you can apply filters there for the whole timeline, including all tracks. If you have a mute filter or a volume filter there that lowers the sound to nothing you will obviously not hear anything from the entire project. Just remove the filter and you should be able to hear it again.

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How do I Access volume control? @lauren

Volume control is the speaker icon just like the mute button, but instead of being below the track header its right below the seekable area of the main player window.

The red square is the audio control button.

Ok thank you for your help. @lauren

My issue seems very peculiar…

I can play sound on browsers (youtube), but shotcut doesn’t play any sound at all. I am pretty sure sound is not muted… but I can’t get sound from playback at all.

pacmd list-sink-inputs
0 sink input(s) available.

Seems like Shotcut is not sending sound to the PC at all.

Ubuntu 18.04

It is not good to hijack an old thread that is not exactly the same issue. Yes, I realize they are the same at a high level. In any case, let’s continue. The main thing you need to know is that Shotcut primarily uses SDL2 for audio output. This has generally proven to be reliable and automagical on Linux. Obviously, it uses ALSA or PulseAudio or possibly something different based on the situation. I am using PulseAudio, and I get sound. It looks like SDL is trying to use something else besides Pulse. Try to force SDL2 to use PulseAudio by using this command line:

SDL_AUDIODRIVER=pulseaudio if you are using the portable tar build of Shotcut provided by us.

SDL_AUDIODRIVER=pulseaudio shotcut if you are using the snap.

Not sure off the top of my head what is the equivalent for AppImage.