New version 18.11: And Hardware Encoding For All

Read about it and download it here:

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Are either of these release notes

Fixed Color generator did not signal colorspace.

Fixed transfer characteristic conversion and full range output in Export .
(Add mlt_image_format=rgb24 , color_range=jpeg , and pix_fmt=yuvj420p in Other for full range output.)

referring to what was being discussed in this thread?

And thank you for adding more zoom to Rotate and Scale. :grinning:

Thank you.
But is there a way to disable the Hardware encoding warning in 18.11.13, which is boring and causes errors (clicking Yes to accept instead of No, meaning “I don’t want to disable hardware encoding”)? A checkbox “Never see this warning again”? It appears even when closing a project.

Yes! The problem I experienced using the Color generator as a test source was related to both of those notes. Also, my testing revealed a possible problem getting full range output with a full range input.

You are talking about GPU Effects, which is different than hardware encoding. The answer is “no”. At this point, I feel you should not be using GPU Effects unless you are a developer working to improve this feature, in which case, you can easily temporarily modify the code to prevent showing it. This new dialog is intended to make you turn off GPU Effects with no way to turn it back without manually modifying the configuration file/registry. Basically, I am trying to take this experimental feature away from the users, but it is not really deprecated and retained for developers to improve it.

Yes, I was thinking of GPU effects. Sorry about this misinterpretation. But, I have a lot of projects using them, they are working properly on my machine, and I’m savvy enough to take my responsibilities, I would like to know which configuration file or registry keys should be modified if I want to disable this nag screen (I didn’t find anything in the Windows Registry).

There is nothing currently, but I will add something for the next version. The setting will be player/warnGPU a boolean that defaults true.

Thank you so much, Dan. This is one of the things I appreciate most in FOSS: it pays attention to the user’s needs. Recently, I have reported two slight bugs in MKVToolnix; Moritz Bunkus fixed both of them within hours. On the contrary, Microsoft keeps pouring tons of useless bloatware into my poor W10 laptop and Mini PC twice a year, despite of all my complaints.

any way to disable (nide) the “new project UI”?
also, i dislike that it creates folders for me.

thank you

EDIT: and THANKS for Linux hardware encoding!!!

It only creates folders for you if you interact with that UI. So if you don’t want it to create folders you can just ignore it.

Add another “thanks” for hardware encoding (AMD)! Thanks to the team very much. Extremely useful, quick, for certain projects.

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