New user - very happy - 2 things I'd ask for?

Haven’t been using Shotcut a long time but definitely impressed with it and greatly appreciate the linux package method.

I have 2 things I would like to see, or perhaps are already done and I’ve missed;

  • Recent project/MLT file history in the File menu ( in linux, I’ve seen posts indicating Windows already has this?)
  • Finer percentage update on the export status output ( 1% can take a long time on a G3420 with some videos if I have used filters, so I can’t be sure if I’ve locked up at 100% CPU or I’m impatient )

Many thanks again, very happy with this software, excellent work from the developers, finally a developer group that doesn’t try to “Be different” when it comes to the UI/workflow.

Thanks for the suggestions. :slight_smile: Yes, in Windows and OSX I can confirm that you can already open recent .mlt files from the menu on the right side. I don’t have a Linux machine, but I am confident that it should work the same way. Does a newly opened window not look similar to this for you?

This is on Windows 10, but on the right side you can see the “Recent” menu and you can just drag and drop files from there into the player. If it’s missing you can just click the “Recent” icon on the top bar menu and it’ll reload that way.

If you mean something other than this though, please describe, I might not have understood… :sweat_smile:

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Aaaah, okay, now I see it. I did see that the other day but I, in my haste, had thought it was merely just media files; so I interpreted its purpose incorrectly. That’s great, thank you :slight_smile:

As for the finer percentage updates on the export, I suppose I could pull the git repo and try update that myself if I wanted.

I basically had the exact same thought in my mind: “New user - very happy - 2 thing’s I’d ask for” but with different items.

I just only found out about Shotcut today, and it has been a shock (in a good way) that there is now such a tool for Linux!
I am literally mind-blown, and still can’t cool off, I will be on Shotcut hype all the weekend for sure!!!
I am using Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04 and so far I tried many video editors. All but 2 failed miserably:

  1. BlackMagi Fusion8
  2. Lightworks
    *except for very special cases like motion tracking and matchmoving when you can do just about anything you desire with Blender - also on Linux.

While Fusion8 is awesome, I consider it too complex for simple projects or vlogs.
Lightworks is pretty nice actually, and it was my main choice for Linux. I wished it could get a bit easier that that, because for example I would not consider lightworks as a recommendation for some of my friends for just quick edits for schol projects etc., I felt like there should be something a notch simpler, and Shotcut delivered!!

Now, I also use some editors on Windows, but I really only ever use Windows to run those video editors, and I really wish I could do my edits all in Linux. Lightworks is what I ended up with, but there are still 2 things that I am missing that keep me still going back to Windows for video editting. The 3rd thing is bideo stabilization, which the Shotcut already deliveres! so the 2 other things are:

  1. Optical Flow slow motion
  2. Timelapse

These 2 functions are all related to the fact that I am used to GoPro Studio which by the way is a trash experience on Windows (not sure about Mac), and doesn’t come for Linux. Trash experience as it is crashing very often leaving you with unrecoverable losses of your entire project unless you handle backups by yourself or 3rd party scripts.
Yet, GoPro studio provides an incredible feature for slow motion - optical flow. It creates hollywood-like super smooth slow motion looking like achieved by tremendously expensive super high speed cameras, by actually rendering additional frames to fill in the gaps after reducing the play speed below what the source video fps can still address at smooth rate. I read that GoPro actually uses some open source optic flow library, so I wish this could also arrive to Shotcut, because to be honest, currently the optical flow slow motion is the single most significant feature of GoPro Studio that keeps users like me use it frequently even though the software crashes more than what even seem comprehendable.

The second feature about timelapse, I am not sure if Shotcut actually is missing, but my current knowledge suggests so. It would be great if photo sequences could be imported as a video clip, ideally with control over the fps.

I skipped one opic - the color correcion - because while I wish the current one (already great to have and use) was a bit more sophisticated (some curves, levels, presets like GoPro Studio’s Protune preset), I just believe it will eventually get there, and for the moment being the other 2 functions above are my dream to have!

Btw, the HTML support as overlay is amazing! There is so much one can do with this to extend effects etc, I am really pleased with it!

I am setting up a new vlog project this year about Asia traveling, and I will commit myself to try to work my post production on Linux as much as possible - until I can do it exclusively on Linux (these 2 features mentioned will eventually determine this).
I will now spend a great amount of effort to learn Shotcut and include it in my workflow alongside Lightworks, and possibly contribute to it’s popularity by covering it on both my technical blog ( and upcomming traveling channel (old clips at

I just learnt that the image sequence is supported, will learn howto use it. One problem less.
Remaining is the Optical Flow. I’d like to point you to something that might comehelpful in implementing this:

slowmoVideo project by Simon A. Eugster:

The project comes compiled for Windows and Linux, not Mac available for download as of yet, but sources are included.
These parts are used by slowmoVideo:

Qt4 as C++ programming framework
GPU-KLT+FLOW and OpenCV for calculating the optical flow
ffmpeg for reading and writing video files

I think that your development would be able to pick it up and implement optical flow slow motion feature based off it.
I really REALLY am looking forward to it!

Yes, I am well aware of it as I worked with Simon in the past on Kdenlive. I have an interest to integrate slowmoVideo directly at some point in the future, but I am rather focused on specific aspects of Shotcut development for now but with very limited time now unfortunately.

wow, great to know! Well I will be looking forward to when the future then!

Meanwhile I have made my first project fully in Shotcut on Ubuntu, rendered it out and I am super happy with it! I wish I could have more sophisticated color grading control (esp with curves), but the color wheel is already allowing me to work on my footage (plus contrast and sharpness filters, Shotcut is already pretty capable in color grading).
I still am hyped because I only learn about Shotcut 3 days ago and I am already convinced it will be my main tool throughout the year for my vlog project post production. Lightworks being my secondary tool for some finer color grading, and Fusion8 being my 3rd tool for some more sophisticated compositing. I am an instant fan of Shotcut and I also will try to popularize it via my vlog project! I love the work been done on this great piece of software, I love the Linux support and the user experience!

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Very happy here with Shotcut a few weeks on now and have generated a couple of dozen videos. There’s a couple of UI behaviours I have to adapt myself to but other than that really, it’s worlds better than any other offering I’ve had the [dis]pleasure of using in linux. This project really needs to be given a lot more attention / exposure than what it’s currently getting.

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