New User: Multi-clip video and single audio un-sync on export

Hi. I’m new to all of this.

I created a project using several different iphone video clips, some jpeg photos, and some boomerangs. I used a song mp3 file for the audio. The project is two tracks. One for all the video clips (muted) and one for the mp3 file. In the project the video clip changes sync with the song’s changes perfectly as I intended, but upon export the two drift and no longer sync.

I’ve read some things about variable frame rates, but this seems to apply to clips that are both audio and video. Or maybe not… I really have no clue what I’m doing. I’ve done music production and used recording software for years, but video is a whole new beast for me.

Please assist. Thanks.

Hi, I’m getting this as well on a project where I have an mp4 on V1 and a Mp3 on A1. In my project, perfect sync is essential and I have found the audio to be in sync in the preview window but not synced on export. I found a workaround - advance the audio clip by 6 frames. Then export. Perfect sync. Then hit “undo” to continue working on your project if you need to.

I think it’s a bug. @Scam_Likely, could you try my workaround and report if it works for you?

PS not sure of your ability level, but to advance the music clip, go to the beginning of your clip (ALT+left arrow) then press Right Arrow 6 times to advance the playhead, then slide the clip to he right (making sure snapping is on (magnet icon), Thanks!

PS Welcome to the forum!

(Latest version, 19.10.20)

Also reported here:

Thanks! I’m gonna give this a shot.

Writing music and music production is my main hobby, so this particular project was designed around photo and video clip transitions being sync’d to the downbeat of section changes in the song. It’s critical for me to be able to figure this out, because I’m likely to take the same type of approach with future projects.

Thank you jonray!

It worked!!!

Great to hear it worked!! Thanks for reporting back. Shouldn’t have to find a workaround for this though - hope @shotcut knows about this issue.

Jon, It may be better to report the exact problem (and the workaround) separately as a Bug rather than Help/How_To.

Good idea @elusien! When I get a moment I’ll post a bug report about the issue.

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