New to Video Editing several "irritations" likely of my making!

I am an absolute beginner and so grateful to the folks on YouTube like “Jonray JR”, Ben Espanto and others without who’s excellent tutorials I would never have managed to even start!

It’s a steep learning curve and after spending several days so absorbed that mealtimes came and went unnoticed, the feeling of achievement on rescuing and tidying up the content of the only existing VHS footage of my parents was worth the pain!

I have since attempted to create a personal Christmas card following the YT Tutorial by Jonray JR using “Write-on” text.
The resulting mp4 project file was successful but when opened in VLC, it insists on opening as a 1920 x 1080 image with black stripes down each side, which means the VLC Screen is larger than my 29" Full HD Screen!
It’s particularly annoying since by the time I have dragged the window into a position where I can access one of the corners and re-sized the player, the video has ended and the struggle begins all over again!!
Any advice on how to tame this would be gratefully received, …especially since my cousin insists on sending me video clips from her iPhone which similarly convinces my poor player that it should display in “Tod AO”, …yes, I am that old!

Buoyed by that success, I was then tempted to venture beyond the Tutorial and attempt to add a signature in the “Write-on” style, adapting a transparent bitmap signature which I already had.
I managed to create a clip which “worked”, it wasn’t perfect, but I don’t know how to improve it and so saved it to a mov file.
Overlaying this mov file onto the mp4 file created following the Jonray JR tutorial, is where I ran into problems!
At the point where the signature overlay transition begins, the video falters and then becomes jittery and the signature which revealed itself “passably” as “Write-on” when played on its own, now just “faded in en bloc”, not what I was hoping for!
Any advice?

Having viewed some of the breathtaking work displayed on the forum, I cannot imagine when I would be able to produce anything which might even be passable!
The forum is a real showcase for Shotcut and the talents of the folks who know how to use it, I could spend hours just browsing the marvellous videos, so thanks for that too!


Hi @six-h - sorry, I just saw you post. Thanks for trying out my write-on text method and for looking at some of mine and @bentacular’s tutorials.

I can’t quite understand what is happening here from your description. Any chance of posting in a short screen capture? Regards J

Yay! A fan!
Let me see if I get this right. So it sounds like your timeline might be on a 4:3 aspect ratio ( I would check Settings > Video Mode to make sure)

Though you may not have those bars on the video you’re editing, the monitor you’re using will automatically add those bars if the video aspect ratio doesn’t match the monitor aspect ratio exactly.

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